movie poster project

I wanted a background that was mostly empty so whatever I decided to put on it, I wouldn't be restricted by the theme of the background or the space available. I didn't want to have my face in the picture, so I used one of me from behind. the title was meant to be a joke in the meantime until I came up with a real title, I went with keeping it "photoshop is hard :/". one of the ideas I had was to have a water tower in the background to have something there, it was the first idea I worked on and I ran out of time to decide if I should keep it or not or to add other things in the photo. I used a topaz filter called Buzzed sim to make the picture look nice and give it a less rough look.


  1. You did that chief. The only thing I can really say about this is the shadows on your back could've been edited out in photoshop


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