senior photos

I chose this image because of how great the focus is, you can see a lot of detail on his face and arms since it's so close up.

what I like about this image is the colorful background that makes the image stick out.

I like this image because of the sharp focus and detail as well as the interesting background

what I like about this image is the pose she is in and where she is sitting makes it more unique

I chose this image because of the angle that she's facing towards the river

I chose this image because of the pose she is in makes the photo unique

I like this image because of where he's sitting on the steps makes for an interesting angle

I like this image because of the sharp focus on the subject and the lighting in the photo make the light colors on her dress stand out.

I chose this image because of the interesting background of a blue fence with greenery and flowers to the right of her.

I chose this image due to its unique pose of her looking and touching the flowers ab…

nature project

Title: lonely flower
Description: While on a trip, I found a lone yellow flower. It stood out to me so I took a picture of it at a downwards angle.

Title: ducks keeping it posted
Description: At the riverwalk, I saw some ducks chilling by the river.

Title: grassy stairs
Description: This one was also taken at the Riverwalk. I thought the grass rows would make for an interesting shot.

Title: Peacock
Description: On a trip around Fort Sam Houston, there was a field of animals. This is one of the better photos I took of the peacocks.

Title: landscape
Description: I had walked around my neighborhood looking for a good landscape photo. I liked how most of the left and upper side of the photo has a tree and branches that obscure the Sun.


My quintessence photo is of me and my closest friends. To me, there's no greater joy than to hang out with friends. Some of my happiest memories would be of me at the lunch table playing Uno or playing video games online with friends. I asked my friend Anthony to take these pictures, it made more sense that I would be included with my friends in the photo than for it to be a picture of my friends. The angle of the shot is unique how i'm in the foreground while everything else becomes more blurry. We had asked Coach Gorham if we could use some of his card games as props, as well as the setting is in Gorham's room.

movie poster project

I wanted a background that was mostly empty so whatever I decided to put on it, I wouldn't be restricted by the theme of the background or the space available. I didn't want to have my face in the picture, so I used one of me from behind. the title was meant to be a joke in the meantime until I came up with a real title, I went with keeping it "photoshop is hard :/". one of the ideas I had was to have a water tower in the background to have something there, it was the first idea I worked on and I ran out of time to decide if I should keep it or not or to add other things in the photo. I used a topaz filter called Buzzed sim to make the picture look nice and give it a less rough look.

fall photos 2018